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Led Module

Led module, which is made of led, PCB, IC, resistance etc, is one essential part of led display.

There are different modules according to different category.

1.the base color of light:

 a. Mono-color module. This type of module only has one color light, like single red color module, single green color module, single yellow color module, single white color module etc. The color of light is depended on the led chip. It usually used for word or text;

 b. Dual base color module. Every pixel consists of two colors’ led , generally red and green led. When the red and green led are on, the light will be yellow. So dual base color module have three colors, red, green and yellow. It can be used for picture and animation;

 c. Full color module. Every pixel consists of red, green and blue led, total three




DIP led module

High brightness,

better heat dissipation

Less pixel pitch, smaller viewing angle, heavier, higher price

SMD led module

Better visual performance, wider viewing angle, lighter, lower price

Low brightness, heat dissipation is not good as DIP

colors’ led. The full color led display has all colors. It used for video.

2. the application space:

a. Indoor module: non-watertight, low brightness;

b. Semi-outdoor module: non-watertight, high brightness;

c. outdoor module: watertight, high brightness.

  3.  the encapsulation of the using led:

    a. DIP led module; b. SMD led module


DIP led moduleHigh brightness,

better heat dissipationLess pixel pitch, smaller viewing angle, heavier, higher price

SMD led moduleBetter visual performance, wider viewing angle, lighter, lower priceLow brightness, heat dissipation is not good as DIP

And now we learn the category of led module, then we should know how to judge the quality of led modules.

1.the passing current. Most people judge the current by the resistance model. But it is not reasonable and scientific. The passing current of modules is nor determined by the size of the resistance, because the resistance of led itself is different according to the different size and material of led. Generally speaking, the passing current of white light is not more than 20MA and other lights is not more than 25MA. In reality, because of the size and material of the led chip of SMD led, the passing current will be 2-5 MA higher to meet the higher brightness. In real situation, the reason of some led screens become dim quickly is the light decay, and the essential reason is because the passing current is much higher.

2.uniformity of led light. When we pay attention to the brightness, meanwhile we should concentrate on the uniformity of the light, which will result the difference of brightness of the whole module or the whole screen. When the whole module is in white light, we should check if there is chromatic aberration. Is there any chromatic aberration of white light is the essential factor of the quality of modules, also is one of the main reason of the difference in price.

3.wire. The efficient way to check the quality of the wire is to remove the skin of the wire and count the number of the core. The more the core is, the better the wire is. And of course the module is better.

4.the temperature of the led. When the led is on for a while, we can touch the led. The led of stable temperature must be better than the led of high temperature.

5.solder joint. Full solder joint shows the good welding technology. High brightness demonstrates the good soldering tin. Cold solder joint will lead to poor contact and many maintenance problems.

6.the quality of the glue. When the glue is in good quality, the module will be durable.

7. glue process. When we check the module, we should pay attention to the coverage of the glue.

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