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LED Screen Control System

LED Control System also known as the LED screen controller or LED control card is one of the most important part of led screen system. The function of led control system is to transmit the signal from computer or other device to LED Screen screen. It is mainly responsible for receiving the picture and video from the computer serial port or DVI interface to screen the information placed in the frame memory, led screen screen can be identified by the serial screen data generated partition drive to control the timing and scanning.then show the pictures and videos on the led screen.

LED Control system has two type, one is Synchronous led control system, another is Asynchronous led control system.

Synchronous control system:

Synchronous control system means the led screen will show videos or images from computer or other input source, like DVD, camera, TV, VCR, etc. directly.Not any time delay . But it need to always connect with a PC or video processor, when connection is cut off, the led screen could not work normally.

There are two special advantages of synchronous control system; One is fast data transmission without any delay. Another is could transmit huge data volume.It is mainly suitable for indoor and outdoor advertising, stage rental using, sports,studio led screen, and so on.

Synchronous LED Control system normally including the LED Sending Card, LED Receiving Card and LED Hub Card, also some multi-function cards for Brightness and Humidity Adjustment. Between Sending card and receiving card use UTP-cat5 connected.

Transmission distance:

UTP-cat5 : 100M

Multi-mode fibre: 500m

Single-mode fibre: 10000m

Synchronous main features are:

1.Real-time,good effects but expressive,

2.The operation is more complex, high prices.

3.A set of LED Screen Controller is composed by led sending card, led receiving card and DVI Graphic card.

Asynchronous control system:   (Such as Xixun,Lytec,TX,HuiDu,Lumen,Onbon)

Asynchronous control system means the led screen will show programs asynchronous, the led screen doesn’t need to always connect with a PC, it could work separately which we known as off-line control system or off-line LED card. it has the memory storage function,Mainly used to screen a variety of text, symbols and graphics or animation-based or simple video effects.

Using asynchronous control system, the programs will be edited on computer, then send to control card by UTP cat5, USB disk, Wifi wireless, 3G wireless or others. Once programs were sending to control card successfully, it will be saved on it. Then the end user could cut off connection between led screen and PC.

When control PC is very far away from led screen, or the installation position is not convenient for wiring, or the lack of labor and just screen simple text etc.Asynchronous control system is a good is widely used for shop entrance led screen, small size led sign, roadside led screen, outdoor advertising player, etc.

Asynchronous main features are:

1).The operation is simple, inexpensive, and the use of a wider scope.

2).Asynchronous control system can only screen a digital clock, text and special characters.

3).the sub-regional control to screen the contents of the led screen.

4).Supports analog clock screen, countdown, pictures, tables, and animation. Timer switch, temperature control, humidity control and other functions.

Asynchronous Control card Type and function:

Full color series

1, Support outdoor, indoor, semi-outdoor full color led screen, Multi-function .

2, Receive text, pictures and animation and other information, and has the audio playback and memory function. Screen on the screen via color form , good visual effect.

3. Support for virtual pixels and real pixels, support for expansion board, compatible indoor and outdoor modules;

4. Network interface and U disk interface two ways to update the program;

5. support for 3G, GPRS and WIFI communication methods;

6. Multi-zone software, easy to learn  and  use.

This series of control cards stable communications, cost-effective, maximum control 320 * 256 or 256 *256 pixel.

Single and double color series.

1, Support indoor ,outdoor and semi-outdoor single or double color led screen screen. When setting by software no need jumpers. Intelligent setting parameters, easy to operate,. Many use on bus sign, shop signs etc.

2, Rich interface, support network port, U disk and wireless

3, Support 3G, GPRS and WIFI communication;

4, Multi-regional software, at will control the screen content, easy to learn and use;

This series of control cards stable communications, cost-effective, the maximum control 4000 * 128 or 1024 * 512

Engineering series:

1, Special designed for engineering applications, reliable communication, compatible with a variety of development languages, suitable for text, pictures, animation type led screen.

2, Support multi-window screen, up to 8 independent windows.

3., Support multiple consoles, support regular play programs and timer switch screen

4, Support network interface communication, like serial port (RS232 / RS485), GPRS, 3G

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