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LED Sign Installation

1. Hanging Type


1) Mainly for indoor and semi-outdoor led signs;

2) Mostly used for aisle, the entrance of corridor, bus station, railway station, the entrance of subway station etc ;

3) As a traffic guidance in the highway and railway;

4) To choose hanging type structure design.

2. Embedded Type


1) For indoor and outdoor, mainly for small pitch and small size led sign;

2)Embed the entire led sign into wall, to keep the led sign and wall to be the same level;

3)To choose front maintenance service;

4)Mostly be used for entrance and hall of office building.

3. Pillar Type ( Single Pillar Type and Double Pillar Type)


Pillar type mainly be used for outdoor led billboard signs.

1) Single pillar type: is suitable for small led sign board application;

2) Double pillar type: is suitable for big led sign board application

4. Wall-Mounted Type



1) Mostly for indoor or semi-outdoor;

2) Mostly we choose front maintenance service when have no any space for maintenance service behind led sign;

3) We usually don’t remain any space for maintenance service when the led sign size is smaller , because we can take whole led sign down to maintain.

5. Floor-Mounted Type


1) Mostly for outdoor advertisement display sign;

2) It is important to make this type of led sign and its’ steel structure with strong force to resist wind;

3) We usually install this type of led sign with tilt angle, because we will view the led sign on the floor, so the led sign must be inclined angle in order to guarantee wonderful visual performance.

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