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LED solution for smog weather

Most of the place suffer from smog weather due to the air pollution. As we know, the composition of smog is more complicated which including hundreds of chemical particles. Like as Ag(NO3)2、Na2CO3 K2CO3、C、SIO3、Na2SO4 K2SO4、NH4HCO3、Fe、Ni、Pb、Ca、Na、SO2、NO )、CLO2 、H2S ... and so on.

The toxic components of smog not only seriously endanger to human’s health but also great effect to  led display’s operation and lifespan. The main influence of smog on LED display has the following two aspects:

1.Fog’s influence: Fog is formed by condensation of vapor in the air which means the moisture relatively larger. In moisture environment, the stuffs of LED display, like PCB board, power supply, and power cable etc, may be easily oxidized and corroded, or even short-circuited and then resulting in failure of LED display.

2.Haze’s influence: Haze is collection of the dust and various small particles which suspended in the air. And the core material of haze is the suspended dust particles. Under the longtime influence of haze,all kinds of the small dust will enter the LED display through the ventilation holes, which will accelerate wear and even damage the equipment like fan ,power supply etc. And the dust will be fallen and covered on the LED display inside stuffs’ surface which not only reduces the LED display heat dissipation and insulation performance but also accelerate LED display’s aging and affect to the lifespan.

In order to avoid moisture from smog, the buyer need be caution before purchasing and after maintenance .

During the procurement process, it is necessary to pay attention to check whether the PCB board of the LED display has been subjected to anti-corrosion treatment, such as do the formal coating or gluing on the surface; Whether the power supply and the power cable are used high quality parts; The screen welding junction is the easiest to be corroded, so check whether it’s do rust treatment is very necessary.

During routine maintenance, dust should be regularly removed to avoid it absorbing moisture from the damp air and then lead to short circuit and result in mildew of PCB and electronic components . It is worth noting that the LED display should be used more than 1 hour every day in smog weather to reduce the erosion of moisture on the display otherwise the reliable of the LED display will be decline.

IP protection level

It is necessary to pay attention to whether the purchased LED display meets the dust-proof level required for the use of the environment. The dust-proof international specification is IP0X-IP6X, which is a design level for preventing the invasion of foreign objects. If it is used in the regions where the dust and fog are relatively high, it must reach Level 6 dust prevention (completely dust-proof structure). In regions with high haze and fog, the LED display's front and back protection levels must reach IP65, which means that the LED display is completely dust-proof and sealed in the water spray state.

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