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LED Video Processor

LED Video processor , to put it simply , which is electronic equipment that we can transfer the signal from external electrical equipment of display( such as Cameras , Laptops ,DVD and so on) into the signal that screen can accept.

Application occasion: Large venue display applications such as Rental Performance, TV Broadcast center, Large-scale stage and Theatre, High-end meeting, Exhibition etc
The LED video processor has following function:
1.Image Capture: We can capture any small area in a complete image and then magnify on the display.
2.Image Magnification and Minification

3.Fade in and Fade out (like the following image shows)

4.Seamless Switching: When we switch the signal sources , the replacement process of old and new graphics will not cause the screen be blank and dazzling.

5.HD Text , Flash , Graphics & Logo Overlay (like the following image shows)

Different form outdoor large screen , there are so much restrictions with graphics showing for small pitch screen.
Firstly , the brightness is low in the indoor environment when comparing with outdoor environment , so the video processor need to have the excellent ability of  improving image quality to make sure the details definition and Grey scale level. Furthermore , it need to have rich adjustment option and effect of image to output soft , clear and structured image.
Secondly , due to the restricted area in the indoor environment , which requests to display HD video and image under the condition of limited showing square meters as much as possible. So the video processor need to have the image input and output ability of higher resolution.
Thirdly , The indoor large screen always for monitoring , conducting and controlling application , which requests high definition , more input signal and real time video window graphics of screen.

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