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One way to enhance the anti-vibration performance of LED screen

One way to enhance the anti-vibration performance of LED screen

--------Nord Lock

Unlike the screen in common situation, there are some special applications of screen, like car roof screen, truck screen, railway screen, etc. When we think about the solution, we have to take the point of anti-vibration into our consideration.

One of the effective ways is to use nord lock. The traditional gasket is a single piece of gasket that works independently, and the gasket relies mainly on friction to achieve the anti-loose effect. The nord lock is composed of two pieces of gasket of the uniform specification, each of which has a radial surface, and the inside is inclined tooth surface. Its unique embedded structure has changed the traditional gasket mainly through the way of the friction to achieve locking, but uses the international most advanced locking technology, using the tension between the two gasket to prevent double effect of loose and tight.

The advantages of the nord lock:

1. to remain clamp force under the strong vibration, which is superior to rely on the friction from the lock fastener;

2. to prevent the bolt loosening caused by vibration and avoid related issues caused by fasteners;

3. not to loose because of temperature change;

4. easy installation and removing;

5. excellent durability;

6. can be reused.

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