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Led panel cabinet

Led display is made from led panel cabinets. So if we want to learn about the led display, we have to be familiar with the led panel cabinet first. And today I will introduce some points of led panel cabinet.

First, composition. Generally speaking, one integrated cabinet includes module, power supply, fan, triplecore cable, 5V cable, flat cable, network cable, terminal, sending card, receiving card, HUB card and LED indicator. And the whole module consists LED, mask, shell and PCB. In the follow up article, I will introduce the details of the composition part.

Second, function. There are two functions of the cabinet.

1. Fixed effect. It makes the internal components, like module, power supply, fixed. All the components are necessary to be fixed in the cabinet for the connection of all the cabinets. Also the cabinet has to be fixed with the frame structure;

2. Protective effect. The cabinet can protect the internal components from the influence of the environment.  

Third, classification.

1. Of material: Steel cabinet, aluminum cabinet and die-casting aluminum cabinet.

2. Of structure: standard cabinet, simplified cabinet, curved led panel cabinet, front open cabinet and double-sided front open cabinet.

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