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How to decide the control range of the receiving card

In the stage of making the solution for a project, the size of each cabinet will decide how many pieces of receiving card used in the whole led panel. Too many pieces of the receiving card will waste the cost, too few of receiving card will influence the performance of the led display. Thus, how to decide the quantity of the receiving card to achieve the best cost-performace of the led display?

Normally, There are two factors playing the main role. One is the driving method, another is the receiving card itself. Take the TS801 linsn receiving card as the example, if the driving method is static driving method, like P16, P20, P25 outdoor full color led display, the receiving card would play the best performance within the range of 64x64 pixels, so the cabinet size will be: 1024x1024mm, 1280x1280mm, 1600x1600mm.
But if the led dislay use 1/4 duty driving method, like P10, P12(Some factories will use 1/8 duty, but its brightness and performance will be in lower class that we don't recommend), the best range of each receiving card is within 128x128 pixels, so the size of each cabinet is 1280x1280mm and 1536x1536mm.
If the driving method is 1/8 duty,like P8, P7.62, P6 etc, theoretically the maximum control range of each receiving card is 256x256pixels, so the size of each cabinet is 2048x2048mm, 1952x1952mm, 1536x1536mm. But please notice if we consider the best performance, it's better not let the control range exceed 128 pixels. In addition, too big cabinet size would be not convenient for the installation.

So in the real application, we need to conside another problem, if the size of the cabinet too large, it must be difficult to install the led panel, especial for those led panel which will lift to some platform in high place. Considering this problem, if there is no necessary or especial requirment, we will make the size of each cabinet approximate to 1 square meters. In one hand the display performance would be good; in another hand the installation would be easy.

For that reason, in the beginning of this article, we mentioned "the size of each cabinet will decide how many pieces of receiving card used in the whole led panel." And the size of each cabinet should be better close to 1mx1m.

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