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Refresh rate

Refresh rate is an important parameter of the led display which is related with the led viewing performance directly.

What is refresh rate?

Refresh rate is the number of times per second that the image can be scan. It’s measured in hertz (Hz) and may also be referred to with terms like scan rate, horizontal scan rate, frequency, or vertical frequency.

What’s the affect to the LED screen and human eyes?

It will directly affect to the LED screen’s performance. The higher refresh rate the more stable and clearer of the display image, and smaller impact on the human eyes. The lower refresh rate, will get bigger flicker and Jitter of the display image , and faster get fatigued to human eyes.So the refresh rate also makes a big difference on the led display’s price.

Since the refresh rate relates with the flicker and jitter of the screen,does it mean the refresh rate higher then the led is better?

Refresh rate relates with many parameter of the led display,like the grayscale, resolution etc. The higher refresh rate the lower grayscale, so only find a balance between all the parameters can achieve best performance of the led screen.

What influence the refresh rate?

1.IC brand and model. It can be divided into high refresh rate IC, common IC and low refresh rate IC.

2.Control card load capability.For one receiving card usually the biggest load capacity is 256x256pixel, but we usually control within 192x192pixel to achieve smooth loading.

3.Serial frequency also called at clock frequency.

4.Grayscale. Higher grayscale will be lower the refresh rate.

5.Driving board.

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