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Seven Tips to Improve the LED Display Heat Dissipation

In practical applications, improving the heat dissipation of the LED display screen not only effectively increases the efficiency of the heat dissipation of the LED display screen, but also achieves the effect of saving electricity, and is more conducive to the improvement of the service life of the LED display screen.

1、Use a fan to dissipate heat. The use of long-lived and efficient fans to enhance heat dissipation is a relatively common method. The cost is low and the effect is good.

  2、Using aluminum heat sink fins, this is the most common method of heat dissipation, using aluminum heat sink fins as part of the shell to increase the heat dissipation area.

  3、Air-fluid mechanics, using the shape of the lamp shell to create convection air, is the least costly way to enhance heat dissipation.

4、Surface radiation heat  dissipation treatment, make radiant heat treatment on the surface of the lamp shell, the simpler method is to apply radiant heat-dissipating paint that can carry heat away from the surface of the lamp shell.  

5、The use of high thermal conductivity ceramics. The purpose of heat dissipation of the lamp shell is to reduce the operating temperature of the LED high-definition display chip. Because the coefficient of expansion of the LED chip and our common metal thermal conductivity, thermal expansion material expansion coefficient of a large gap between the LED chip can not be directly welded in order to avoid high and low temperature thermal stress destroy the LED display chip.

  6、Use heat pipe to dissipate heat. Lead the heat from the LED display chip to the shell heat sink fins through heat conduction pipe technology.

  7、Thermally conductive plastic shell.Fill with a thermal conductive material when the plastic shell is injected, so as to increase the thermal conductivity and heat dissipation capacity of the plastic shell.

It can be seen that the maturity and progress of LED display heat dissipation technology will be beneficial to its conservation and environmental protection concepts. LED display manufacturers have a variety of ways to increase the heat dissipation of LED display in the LED display production process. There are different considerations depending on the power and the place of usage when dissipating heat.

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