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Synchronous and Asynchronous

Synchronous system:Screen will display exactly the same with the computer, so if the computer shut down, the LED screen will not be display normally.      

The characteristic of synchronous is it can real-time display and load more pixel, the content information is not limited,                                    

Asynchronous system:The screen doesn't display the same with the computer. It is edited in the computer first, then sends it to control card. It display by control card. So even if the computer shut down, the screen also can display normally.

The characteristic of asynchronous is it can off the computer, and saving the information, but it can't real-time display, the content information is limited.

The asynchronous card has the function of CPU, which can handle the picture and text, but the synchronous card has no such function.

Synchronous system usually used in big screen in full color or single color or double color, asynchronous system usually used in small screen in full color or single color or double color. The selection of the system depends on the amount of information you want to display, if you want to play a large amount of information, and then choose synchronous for your screen. Asynchronous system usually used in advertisement. The maximum pixel of synchronous control card is 1280 × 1024. The best loading pixel of receiving card is 192×192, and no more than 192×256 with load capacity,(not necessary that the pixel of length is 192 and the pixel of the weight is 256, it is also fine that the pixel of length is 256 and the pixel of weight of 192), The receiving card's pixels cannot be multiplied to see if the total number pixel is exceed than the total number of pixels on the receiving card., as long as there is more than 192 or 256 on any side, then we need one more receiving card. And the sending card's pixels can be multiplied to see if the total number pixel is exceed than the total number of pixels on the receiving card to decide how many sending card we need.

Other connections ways of the synchronization system:

The meaning of IPC :

Industrial PC (Industrial Personal Computer, IPC) is an industrial control computer. It is a general term for a tool that uses the bus structure to detect and control the production process, electromechanical equipment, and process equipment. IPC has important computer attributes and features, such as computer CPU, hard disk, memory, peripherals and interfaces, as well as operating system, control network and protocol, computing power and friendly man-machine interface. The products and technologies of the industrial control industry are very special. They belong to intermediate products and provide reliable, embedded, and intelligent industrial computers for other industries.

The effect of IPC:

IPC is dual-mode (Synchronous and asynchronous all can be), which is placed inside the cabinet, after we edit the program with the computer we save the information inside IPC, and it will play the content itself.

The meaning of video processor:

Video processor is picture processor, image converter, video controller, image processor, image converter, video format converter, independent video source etc.

The effect of video processor:

LED video processor, is the LED-specific video processor. The task it needs to accomplish in short is convert the image signal from the outside (e.g. Blue-ray DVD, PC, HD playback box, etc.) into a acceptable signal to the LED display.

The main application:

Traffic information guidance, outdoor advertising, car display and so on.

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