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The causing effects when LED Screen has over high brightness

1.LED Screen Brightness Range

Generally speaking , the brightness for indoor screen should be achieved 800-1200cd/㎡, the brightness for outdoor screen should be achieved 5000-6000cd/㎡.

2.The negative effects when screen has over high brightness

You can ask for opinions from suppliers when you have doubt in adjusting your screen in appropriate brightness , the suppler will consider the application environment and screen itself specification and other conditions to adjust its’ brightness in right value. When the brightness is over high , which will make a difference to the lifespan of screen.

(1)To decrease lifespan of LED screen. Because the brightness is relative to LED , before LED screen leaving factory , they already set up physical brightness and resistance value , when brightness is higher , which means current is higher , so if LED works in such overloaded circumstance for a long time , which will decrease the lifespan and accelerate light decay.

(2)To increase power consumption. When screen has higher brightness , its’ module current also higher , so the screen power is higher , which means bigger power consumption.

(3)To do harm to human eyes. In general , the brightness for outdoor screen should be during 5000cd , if the brightness exceed above value , we can called it light pollution. Especially in the evening , over high brightness will stimulate our eyes so our eyes can’t open normally. For example , when surroundings is extremely dark , suddenly a people use flashlight to illuminate your eyes , your eyes can’t open , so the flashlight is equivalent to screen , if you are driving , it may cause the happening of traffic accident.    

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