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The Control System of the LED Display

LED control system classification corresponds to the classification of LED display,it mainly divided in accordance with the display performance and display color. According to the screen size and customer requirements, the control system can be asynchronous or synchronous.

1.Asynchronous control system

Description: Asynchronous control is to receive and store the text and graphics without grayscale that edited on PC(PC send data to the asynchronous control card through the serial port), and then control the display through the asynchronous control card. After the screen power off, the content to be displayed is stored in the memory on the control card,  after the screen power on, the CPU on the asynchronous control card reads the contents from the memory on the card and then controls the display of the LED screen.

(1)Advantages of asynchronous control:

Achieve the function of offline and storage of information, PC only modifies the contents of the LED display, the display function is realized by asynchronous control, This benefit is that a PC can control multiple displays, so you can achieve multi-screen networking.

(2)Disadvantages of asynchronous control:

The contents memorized in the control card limited by the RAM of the control card. Besides, the screen area controlled by the asynchronous control card is limited.

2.Synchronous control system

Description: Synchronous control is to send the PC graphics card signal to the LED display in real time, LED display and computer monitor are displayed simultaneously. Synchronous control includes DVI graphics card, sending card and receiving card. 

(1)Advantages of synchronous control:

Grayscale output can reach 65,536 levels. Can play in real time. The amount of information to play is unlimited.

(2)Disadvantages of asynchronous control: 

The LED screen can’t be offline in synchronous mode, if the screen is not connected to a computer, the LED screen will not play images

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