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The difference between regular screen and rental screen

1.Display Effect

In general , traditional screen just for the purpose of advertisement , which shows images , texts or videos merely. Nevertheless , we need to take photos or shoot to the stage screen , which has strict requirements to the refresh rate and display effect of screen , that is why the rental screen need higher configuration.

2.Difference on Cabinet

For traditional screen , which has comparatively heavy structure , to be fixed in one place and it is made of simplified water-proof cabinet or standard water-proof cabinet , mainly playing an important role of fixing and waterproof function.

Relatively , as for rental screen , which will be dismantled , built up and transported frequently , thus we have unique requirement to the structure layout , such as convenient dismantling , light weight for transporting easily. Accordingly , we will adopt die-casting aluminum cabinet which with slim structure , high stability , to be assemble and disassembled conveniently , which mainly be applied to vocal concerts , stage performance events and so on.

3.Installation Way

As we mentioned before , the stage screen structure will adopt fast lock design to achieve the effect of fast and convenient dismantling , also we will do stable holding structure likes specialized truss. For instance , when a vocal concert finishes , we can dismantle and then transport to another stage venue to assemble , which achieves the effect of time and manpower saving. However , for traditional indoor and outdoor screen , they are always in a fixed installation way , that is to say we will not move until normal condition if we fix it in one place.

In addition to this , LED stage screen enjoys the function of light weight , slim structure , hanging up installation and fast assembly , which is in conformity with the needs of assembly , dismantling and transportation promptly ; Besides , just using fast bolts to fix and connect the screen , so we can do screen assembly and disassembly quickly as well as precisely , meanwhile we can assemble different shapes to accommodate to the needs of site. Furthermore , it has structure design with unique welding optimization workmanship , which avoids the break down situation of preventing welding points of electronic products from bad contact due to frequent transportation.  

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