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The difference between the LED semi-outdoor and full-outdoor display


Many people have such needs, want to know what is the difference between LED  semi-outdoor and full-outdoor display? Here are answers of the differences between LED semi-outdoor and full-outdoor display based on our company many year’s experience in LED industry:


LED semi outdoor display screen

1, Full-outdoor’s production needs to gluing and then on the kit, and semi-outdoor without glue.

2, Full-outdoor need to make full waterproof, semi-outdoor need not waterproof.

3, Full-outdoor brightness is higher, semi-outdoor brightness can be normal brightness.

4, Full-outdoor’s structure also needs to be waterproof, while the semi-outdoor’s structure does not need to be waterproof.

5, For outdoor use, waterproofing and moistureproof must be considered first. Otherwise, circuit boards may be damaged by flooding.

6, Hanging location, font size, brightness, outdoor must also consider the brightness of reflection, otherwise the daytime can not see the words on the screen.

7, The impact of high-temperature exposure in the summer on the LED electronic display requires appropriate heat dissipation measures and high-temperature resistant LED digital tubes.

8, Screen size, appearance and communication requirements etc.

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