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The way to make sure LED display with higher definition

There are 3 ways to achieve the effect of higher definition:

1.Improving Contrast. Contrast is one of the crucial factor that makes a difference to visual experience. In general , higher contrast , clearer images display and brighter colors. High contrast makes much contribution to images definition , details and grey scale levels performance. The way to improve contrast mainly by improving brightness as well as bringing down reflection rate of screen surface. Nevertheless , over-high brightness i.e. inappropriate brightness not only do impact on lifespan of screen but also result in light pollution as well as causing bad influence to public. In the mean time , we will do special craft processing to led modules and led lamps , which will lower led modules reflection rate and enhance contrast simultaneously.

2.Improving Grey Scale. To put it simply , grey scale 256 means single color of module (such as we have red , green , blue three single colors) , there is 256 brightness levels when its’ brightness experiencing from darkest to brightest brightness. Grey scale embodies the amount of color performance of screen , such as full color screen , it has three single colors , thus the amount of colors is 256*256*256=16bit. More color performance amount , better visual performance.  

3.Combining Led Screen with Video Processor. Led video processor can modify bad signal with using state-of-art technology , which enhances details performance of images and promotes frame images quality. To exploit image scaling processing algorithm to retain image definition and grey scale level extremely after doing scaling processing to images ; Additionally , there is a demand to video processor with abundant images adjustment options and adjustment effect , which will do processing to graphics brightness , contrast and grey scale to male sure soft and clear graphics output.

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