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VGA ( Video Graphics Array)Port Feature

VGA ( Video Graphics Array)Port Feature:

1.15 pin , Analog signal transmission;

2.Bad anti-interference performance , it will have color distortion when using long cables;

3.Now most digital products is transferring digital signal , so it firstly needs to transfer into analog signal and then transfer into digital signal , so some information will get lost and causing image quality degradation.

DVI (Digital Video Interface)Port Feature:

1.Better electromagnetic compatibility;

2.Long distance and superior quality digital signal transmission;

3.Fast transmission speed , pure and beautiful color performance;

4.To transfer video signal which has big resolution.

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface)Port Feature:

1.High definition and small interface;

2.To transfer Digital video and audio signal;

3.Be able to transfer video and audio signal to display simultaneously;

4.Widely be used for digital product , like Set Top Box , DVD , PC , Laptop etc.

Transmission between VGA and DVI : Because VGA is analog signal , DVI is digital signal , so the video signal will get loss and causing color distortion when they transmit.

Transmission between DVI and HDMI : Because both of them are digital signal , so they will have interconversion and will not causing any color distortion. But if transfer HDMI into DVI , the audio signal will be canceled out.

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