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What are the advantages and disadvantages of DIP LED and SMD LED

DIP started use since the early 1960’s. DIP (Dual in-line package) module use DIP technology, after soldering the led lamp's feet to stable it on the PCB (You can see the lamp’s feet on the PCB board). One pixel can see 3LEDS(Like the following DIP module’s picture). It has high brightness and waterproof function ,usually for outdoor using .

Advantage:high brightness ,(it can be displayed even under strong sunshine) , good at heat dissipation. Wide use in harsh environment.  

Disadvantage: heavy, can not used in small pixel pitch, Complicated process and higher price than SMD.  

SMD led also called SMT(surface mounted technology). Through the SMT technology encapsulating diode,soldering this lamp on the PCB board surface,should not plug the lamp feet to the PCB board ( so you can’t see the lamp’s feet on the PCB board). Three LEDS encapsulate in one pixel( like following SMD module’s picture). With the development of human being, people are pursuing small pixel pitch with high pixel density which will achieve DH display etc. So the uses for SMD have rapidly increased in the first decade of the 21st century.

Advantage:high view angle, good at display video and pictures(small pixel pitch with high pixel density), light weight,much wider viewing angle.

Disadvantage;low brightness than DIP ,not good for lamp heat dissipation.

In the past, the rule of thumb has been outdoor LED Displays use DIPS and Indoor LED Displays use SMD,however that has now changed due to improved technology. SMD are wide used in outdoor application

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