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What is the lifetime for our LED screens

The LED screen’s lifetime is 100,000 hours, does it means when get to this number, the LED screen will be stopped working? Of course it’s wrong . It means when a LED Screens´ lifetime will get to 100,000 hours, the brightness of the LED´s of the LED screen is about 50% of it´s original brightness.

And the lifetime for the LED screens also depends how the client is taking care of his LED screen and how it is used. There are several factors which will influence the lifetime of the LED screen:

1.LED Screen’s Quality.

For LED screen’s quality is most important factor which relate with the lifespan. Such as the led lamp, PCB , power supply etc. Such as high quality led lamp will enjoy good heat dissipation and good soldering capacity etc.

2.LED Screen Maintenance.

Maintenance is a very important factor, dusty environments require more often maintenance to the LED screen than clean environments. The soldering of the LED chips can dry out and break which require changing often pieces like LED modules and receiving cards.

3.LED Screen Temperature.

The temperature of the LED screen is very important to keep it cool. In hot environments it is wise to install a cooling system inside the LED screen to avoid overheating. Because 80% LED screen’s problem come from overheating.

4.Usage Environment.

Common LED screen failure analysis:

It’s normally to see dead LEDs on the screen, except the soldering problems in the production process, the analysis from the LED itself has the following possibilities:

1. The solder joint is disconnected.

We know that there are multiple wires inside the LED to solder the led chip and LED pins. So it’s will be disconnected happened.

2. Silver paste is shedding.

The red silver paste is detached, causing the red light to fail.

3. Solder joint burnout and then breakdown the LEDs.

LED burned due to static electricity or other large current.

4. Interior corrosion.

For example, because of the LED water-proof and anti-moisture’s problems, resulting in internal damage.

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