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2.5mm Indoor Rental LED Display

P2.5 indoor rental led display signs, boards and video wall panels are getting popular for stage, concert, events. 2.5mm indoor rental led screen has high resolution, refresh rate, grey level, contrast, brightness and good color consistency.

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P2.5mm indoor rental led display with Die-casting Aluminum cabinet is recommended to high – end rental occasions which require high definition even HD led displays to show the details. The high definition P2.5mm led module equipped to the elegant designed Magnesium Alloy Die-casting cabinet makes it outstanding for your led display rental business.

P2.5mm indoor rental LED display with die-casting aluminum cabinet is a very good choice for some high-end occasions which require ultra high definition led display products. Ultra HD visual effect, elegant appearance design, reliable quality integrate together make the P2.5mm stand out from the rental led display market.  


Ultra High Definition - With 160000 pixels per square meter, it can play ultra HD videos, pictures and animations well.

Ultra Slim - The thickness is 60mm.

Ultra light - The weight is only 20kg per square meter.

Ultra convenient - The assemble and disassemble can be done without tool. The whole design is completely "plug-play".

Ultra quiet - Fanless system but good heat dissipation design.


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