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7.62mm Indoor LED Video Display

P7.62 indoor led display signs, boards are for large indoor led video walls, for business, advertising, arena. 7.62mm indoor led screen panel's price is now very affordable. We also wholesale 7.62mm indoor led modules.

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P7.62mm indoor rental led display with Aluminum profile cabinet is now usually installed for the stage background which requires a big size led display. The definition of P7.62mm is not very high nowadays, but still it’s very popular because it had been the dominated spec for so many years, among all the indoor led displays.

P7.62mm indoor rental led display with aluminum profile cabinet is a cost-efficient rental display. It is still very poplar due to its low cost but reliable quality. For some occasions, the viewing distance is very far and the stage is very big. P7.62mm indoor rental led screen can be used for stage background. Although its pixel definition is no very high compared to 4mm or other smaller pitch screen, its visual performance is also very sharp if the display size is very big and view from a far distance. We keep P7.62mm indoor rental led screen in our product line is for offering more options and solutions to our customers. The demanding for led display products is multiple, we respect all the requirements from our customers.


High brightness - the P7.62mm indoor rental led display brightness can reach 2000nits or even more.
Ultra Slim - The thickness is only 82mm.
Ultra light - The weight is only 29kg per square meter.
Ultra convenient - The assemble and disassemble can be done without tool. The whole design is completely” plug-play”.
Ultra quiet - Fanless system but good heat dissipation design.
Ultra intelligence - LCD monitor equipped rear side, indicating working status.
Ultra humanized - The cabinet size can be customized and the magnet front service is available.


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