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12mm Outdoor 1R1G1B LED Display

P12 outdoor 1R1G1B led display signs, boards and video wall panels, for advertising, school, church, shop and business. We supply outdoor 12mm full color led video screens and wholesale outdoor 12mm 1R1G1B led modules.

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Comparing with the common 1R1G1B P12mm outdoor led display solutions, Dakco has greatly optimized the design and has greatly improved the quality. For instance the 1/2 constant current driving method instead of 1/4 driving method; High level MBI5042 IC rather than MBI5024 IC, etc.
As a result, Dakco P12mm outdoor LED displays can reach 3000Hz+ refresh frequency. It's very good to view in a near distance and the audience will never feel flicker on the led displays.
In addition, the brightness is greatly enhanced to meet the outdoor application requirements.


• Perfect quality and stability, 24/7 running
• IP65 Ruggedness, all-weather qualified
• Anti-moisture&corrosion, -40°-60° operation
• higher refresh frequency, 3000HZ+
• Best consistency with signal input, vivid color
• ≤1mm surface level up, smooth video
• RGB ratio 1:4.6:0.16, pure white balance
• 7000nit above brightness, automatic brightness adjustment
• High luminous efficacy, energy-saving
• Standard cabinet, easy transport and installation
• Modular design, flexible shape for big area
• Centralized control management for multi-displays
• Front service available, easy maintenance


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