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8mm Outdoor 1R1G1B LED Display

P8 outdoor 1R1G1B led display signs, boards and video wall panels, for advertising, school, church, shop and business. We supply outdoor 8mm full color led video screens and wholesale outdoor 8mm 1R1G1B led modules.

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As a professional LED screen solution provider, we always dedicate in making the best LED screen solutions to our customers all around the world. With the development of LED technology, we successfully launched out P8mm outdoor full color LED display. With patented PCB design and DIP146 LED lamp, our P8mm led screen has been proved the most reliable small pixel pitch outdoor products in the market. There is no doubt that DIP lamp is the most reliable LED in LED world as it has been used and tested for many years. We instantly believe that small size LED screens will benefit more small business owners. Our P8mm led screen is the best choice for small size LED screens. It can reach high pixel resolutions on a small size led screen. Hence, it has offered a better solution for small size led screen to show high quality video.  


• High brightness: Compared with SMD led, DIP lamp has a higher brightness. Our P8mm LED screen’s brightness is more than 7500nits/m2. It can be seen clear even under direct sunshine.
• Excellent stability: More than hundreds of successful project cases all around the world and their high evaluations have proved that.  
• Superior image quality: With its 15625 pixels per square meter and 16bit processing depth, our P8mm led display shows natural and sharp images.
• All weather qualified: With its IP65 degree, our P8mm outdoor led screen can be installed in harsh weather.


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