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4mm Outdoor Rental LED Display

P4 outdoor rental led display sign, board and video wall panel is with pixel pitch 4mm, resolution 62500 pixels/㎡. 4mm outdoor rental screen can show highest definition video, for outdoor rental occasions such as stage, concert, events.

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P4mm outdoor rental led display is equipped with Die-casting Aluminum cabinet. It has resolution of 62500 pixels each square meter, which is good enough for most led display rental applications, no matter indoors, or outdoors. It gives the possibility to keep only one spec rental led display, and rent to all the occasions.

P4mm outdoor rental LED screen with die-casting aluminum cabinet will initiate a new era of outdoor rental display industry. It broke the pixel pitch limitation of outdoor led screens and moved a big step to outdoor high definition era. There is no doubt that it will stand out the rental display industry. If you want to lead the time in rental display industry, P4mm led screen with die-casting aluminum cabinet is the best choice for you.


Ultra High Definition - Its pixel resolution is 62500 dots per square meter. It is more than qualified to show high definition picture and videos.

Ultra Light Weight - Each cabinet is only 8kg as we use magnesium alloy material to make the cabinet.

Ultra Slim - The thickness is only 75mm and it makes the screen looks like a canvas.

Ultra convenient - Quick assemble and disassemble design without tool, plug-play, flight case package,all these designs are for a portable screen.

Anti-interference - Special anti-electromagnetic interference function.


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