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11mm Outdoor SMD LED Display

P11 outdoor smd led display sign, board and video wall panel is with pixel pitch 11mm. It is unique spec full color led video screen developed by Dakco, and 11mm led module is good to renew the 22mm outdoor led displays.

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P11mm outdoor SMD led display is the unique spec developed by Dakco. In the early period of led display industry, P22mm was a popular spec. Considering the market demand of the led modules replacement, Dakco develop the P11mm outdoor SMD led module, with the same size of 176mm x 176mm. It would be your best choice if you want to renew your old P22mm outdoor led display.

LED display industry has developed for many years. meanwhile, the products have changed a lot in the past years. Obviously, some of old LED displays which have been working for many years can not meet the new requests well. If replace them completely by new LED displays, it costs a lot of money and the old parts which still work will be waste. As a green product, it will become a joke if cause too much pollution. How to solve the problem? Our team finally worked out a solution, we can design the new module which has the same size and screw positions with the old led modules. That’s why we launched out the unique P11mm outdoor LED module. It can perfectly replace the classic P22mm LED module which were used a lot. We have done some successful replace case in the past years. If you have an old LED display want to be renewed, please feel free to contact with our experienced sales team. You will catch the new technology with much less investment.


Stable quality - high quality material, strict quality control, dedicated produce, patent circuit design, all  for making a stable display.

High brightness - Nationstar Z3535 Lamp, 1/2 scan mode, patent  circuit design, all above for making a high brightness LED display ( >7000nits).

Better visual performance, bigger viewing angle - due to the features of SMD3535 lamp, the display’s uniformity and viewing angle becomes much better.


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