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4mm Outdoor SMD LED Display

P4 outdoor smd led display sign, board and video wall panel is with pixel pitch 4mm, resolution of 62500 pixels/㎡. It is adopted to make the highest resolution outdoor full color led video screen for advertising.

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P4mm outdoor SMD led display has the smallest pixel pitch, and highest resolution. It is adopted to make the real outdoor HD led display. If you require the led displays for high end installations, P4mm outdoor SMD led display will be your best choice.

If without advanced technology, it's very hard to survive in the fierce competition of LED display market. We want to be the forerunner instead of a follower. We are very excited to launch the smallest pixel pitch outdoor full color LED display - P4mm outdoor SMD LED display. The new era of outdoor LED display is coming. The real high definition outdoor media has been realized. The 2K even 4K video can be played on a outdoor LED screen which has beyond the limitation of indoor environment. If you want your outdoor LED signs, billboard or video wall much more sharper than others, our P4mm outdoor full color SMD led display will be your best choice.


Stable Quality - No matter how advanced technology product, it’s zero if the quality is not stable.

High Definition - 62500pixels per square meter, you can play ultra high definition pictures, videos and animations on it.

High Refresh Rate - by using high refresh rate driving IC, the refresh rate is higher than 1920HZ.

Full outdoor and indoor application - with its 65 IP degree, it can work well even in the harshest outdoor condition. In addition, it can also used in the indoor environment which has special request for high brightness display.  


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