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5mm Outdoor SMD LED Display

P5 outdoor smd led display sign, board and video wall panel is with pixel pitch 5mm, resolution of 40000 pixels/㎡. It is adopted to make the highest resolution outdoor full color led video screen for advertising.

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P5mm outdoor SMD led display has resolution of 40000 pixels each square meter. Before P4mm outdoor smd led displays were developed by Dakco, P5mm had been the smallest pitch outdoor led display. Because of the fact of lower cost than P4mm, it’s now getting very popular to use P5mm  for the installations which need to show clear video and pictures on the led displays.

Thanks to the semiconductor technology and production process being mature, we finally launched out 5mm pitch outdoor full color LED display. The LED display’s pixel pitch will become smaller and smaller and this is irreversible trend. We have to follow the trend to meet our customers’ request better. Our R & D team spare no effort to design the reliable P5mm outdoor LED display. With 40000 pixels per square meter, it can play very clear and showy image, videos and animations. It is a perfect product for high ending outdoor adverts.


Stable Quality - high quality material, strict quality control, dedicated produce, patent circuit design, all  for making a stable display.

High Definition - 40000pixels per square meter, perfect outdoor performance.

High Brightness, large viewing angle - as we use high brightness lamp for P5mm LED display, its brightness over 6000nits.

Full indoor and outdoor use - It can be installed in some special interior environment where shined by strong sunshine.


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