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6.67mm Outdoor SMD LED Display

P6.67 outdoor smd led display sign, board and video wall panel is with pixel pitch 6.67mm, module size 320x160mm. 6.67mm outdoor full color led video screen is good for advertising, school, church, shop and business.

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P6.67mm outdoor SMD led display has the pixel pitch a little bigger than P6mm, which means the definition is very close. It is also a very regular spec because the led module size of P6.67mm is 320mm x 160mm, which is the same with the module size of P5mm, P8mm and P10mm. It makes the comparison easier for the same size led displays, between different pixel pitches led displays.

We prefer providing suitable LED solution to selling standard products to our customers. LED display in itself is a customized product. Different customers have different requests. The size may different, the viewing distance may different, the showing content may different and so on. As a professional LED solution provider, we always put customer’s request at the first position. That’s why we designed P6.67mm outdoor full color LED screen. Its pixel pitch and visual performance is between 6mm and 8mm. It gives one more option to customers. In addition, its module size is 320mm*160mm which is the same size with 10mm led module. When the size request is very strict, P6.67mm LED display maybe a better choice than P6mm LED display.


Stable quality - high quality material, strict quality control, dedicated produce, patent circuit design, all  for making a stable display.

High brightness - Nationstar Z3535 Lamp, 1/2 scan mode, patent  circuit design, all above for making a high brightness LED display ( >8000nits).

Better visual performance, bigger viewing angle - due to the features of SMD3535 lamp, the display’s uniformity and viewing angle becomes much better.


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